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Kates Choice – Beth & George

Kates Choice® , Beth & George speciality brand for Babies & Kids

Specifically developed for babies and kids to clean, nourish and care for the skin and
hair, Kates Choice®, Beth & George speciality brand uses natural ingredients,
ayurvedic herbs and essential oils to produce mild and delicious smelling hair and
skincare products for children.

They have done extensive research on the benefits of various natural ingredients and
essential oils as well as on many herbs including ayurvedic herbs and plant extracts.
Their product range has incorporated many such ayurvedic ingredients such as
extracts of Turmeric (Curcuma Longa Rhizome), Neam (Azadirachta Indica), Gotu
kola ( Centella Asiatica ) which have been used since ancient times for cleansing,
antiseptic, anti-oxidant, healing and nurturing the skin and hair.

Free from all parabens, their products are made with naturally derived ingredients and
some have been enhanced with ayurvedic ingredients. They are scented with essential
oils and natural extracts so they smell amazing too.

Also in the range is speciality diapers for babies with extra emphasis made on

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